The Cairn water bottle is a hand woven, paracord netting around a 32oz wide-mouth Nalgene, there are two loops (top and bottom) where carabiners connect a piece of webbing - your awesome shoulder strap for the bottle - to create a hands-free, with-you-at-all-times, drop-resistant bottle.

Well, it sure does look nifty, but what are the benefits of getting yourself a Cairn water bottle?

Loss Prevention


Survival and Creative Solutions to Sticky Situations
If you're moving around a lot during the day - on the job, between jobs, out to lunch, around the park, on a trail - a great way to stay hydrated, healthy, and beautiful is to keep drinking water continuously throughout the day, a much more likely task if you have water within reach at all times.

Do your kids consistently leave water bottles anywhere and everywhere? Maybe even you, yourself, have left a Nalgene on the top of your car and drove away? With the strap, you aren't as tempted to set it out of the way to be forgotten and lost.

Nalgene, in my opinion, is a trusted brand with unparalleled quality, but the lid attachment is not designed to hold the weight of a full bottle and will fail over time if it is used in that way. Cracked Nalgenes, though a much rarer occurrence, can happen after a very long drop or even a short drop in freezing weather conditions. By using the webbing shoulder strap and protecting the plastic with the paracord netting, you will extend the lifetime of your Nalgene.

The materials used in the design can also be handy in saving your butt. The paracord is an approximate length of 25 feet with a holding weight of 550 pounds - definitely enough to string up a tarp between a couple trees or tie up the corners with some creative engineering. The shoulder strap webbing used is UIAA rated Climb-Tec
tm with 2500 pounds of tensile strength. The carabiners are NOT for climbing, but are labeled with a working load of 160 pounds. They are also easily replaceable with climbing carabiners if you'd like to make the weight you're lugging around a bit more worth it to ya.