Tips on Hydration

There is a wealth of information here at the Kendrick Fincher Foundation

Things to also keep in mind:

When trying to stay hydrated, in order for the body to absorb H2O, it needs a catalyst to aid in the transfer of molecules. The catalyst for water is electrolytes. These can be found in salts or in energy foods that are labeled as "Electrolyte replacements". We lose salt (electrolytes) when we sweat, so this is even more important when you're active or in a very hot climate.

Most of us only have enough electrolytes in our system to absorb about 8oz of water every 15 minutes, so chugging an entire Nalgene really doesn't do us much good. Hydration is about water in consistent and smaller doses.

Hydration increases circulation in the body. Circulation is a main component in temperature regulation and control - our thermostat! So, if you're a terribly warm person everywhere you go, drink more water. In that same respect, if you're a terribly cold person wherever you go, drink more water! Nalgenes are also designed to handle hot or warm liquids so use that to your advantage!