"Beautiful, eco-friendly, and comes with a shoulder strap that makes it perfect for taking on a hike" Abby from New York

"Very nice, professional quality.  I remember all the times when we would go hiking, and Mom would insist on bringing a water bottle and carrying it in her hand the whole time.  She then graduated to one that would clip to her belt, but that could not have been comfortable, and was always noisy.  This is much better!" John from Milwaukee, WI

" I freaking love it." Nicole from Thornton, CO

"Doug and I have two awesome friends who make water bottles easy to carry! We love ours! Doug had his pre-made and I bought the DIY kit!" Julianna (and Doug) from Denver, CO


I'm not on the web trying to sell the next junky thing that no one needs, so I want to tell you all about the issues and concerns that I or others have had with my product.

As with every other shoulder strap design (messenger bags, purses, a climbing gear sling, etc) if you hunch over (a bike, the world on your way up a mountain, to pick something up off the ground), it will swing to the front of your body. One solution is to fix a sling to go around your torso to hold the bottle in place on your back. Here are some photos! The other solution is to only use it during mellower activities - a walk around the park, wandering around at work, on your way to yoga, or on a more moderate hike.

For backpackers, it actually works pretty well to tuck it behind your arm and it gets kind of sandwiched between your arm and your pack, or to let it hang at the side, maybe even clipped to a strap for extra stability. Another option for more dynamic sports is to simply leave the strap at home and just use the carabiners to clip it to your pack, or pack it with your strap in your pack - still handy when you're hanging out at a cliff edge so you don't have to be worried about the bottle rolling off the mountain.

If the netting around the water bottle gets loose: try sticking it in the dishwasher (top shelf) and then let it dry completely - the drying process will shrink and tighten the paracord. If you're bold enough, it's pretty easy to undo some knots and tighten it yourself, or, send it back for repair! Unfortunately, we are still too small of a company to reimburse the shipping costs, but we are certainly happy to help out in whatever way we can.

For every problem, there are many ways to solve it - find out what works for you!

Other things I should be considering/discussing/thinking about? Please share!